We are Renee & Andrew, owners of Handmade 365. Andrew is in charge of making sure each piece is meticulously constructed, while Renee does all of the designing, painting, and shipping.

Our dream has always been to build a business together that would allow us to combine our strengths, while also providing for our family. After a year of praying and planning, Handmade 365 was officially launched in the fall of 2019. We have successfully found a way to combine Andrew's attention to detail and love of woodworking, Renee's passion for decorating, and her background in photography and design, with our joint desire to both build something with our hands.

The name Handmade 365 was inspired by a piece of advice that Renee's grandmother gave her as a young child, "do something creative everyday to feed your soul." It is something that has always proven to be true. We are never more happy and fulfilled than when we are creating something beautiful with our hands.

We hope that the pieces that we create will inspire happiness and spark joy in your home. Whether it be a bookshelf in your child's room, a large statement piece above your mantle, or a holiday decoration that you bring out year after year. Each piece that we create is meaningful to us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our dream!

Renee & Andrew